What you should know about Oklahoma

Interesting Facts about Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital of the US state of Oklahoma, and it is the 27th most populated city in the Unites States. Even though is the capital of Oklahoma County, its borders reach into three other counties as well.

Oklahoma City, OK is an important regional center for oil, natural gas, and petroleum based industries because the city itself lies on an active oil field. These industries are the most important factor in the city’s economy, while health services, information technology, and other activities in the tertiary sector of the economy contribute to the city’s budget as well.

One of the most interesting facts about the city is that it’s the only state capital in the United States whose capitol building is located near a working oil well. It serves as a symbol of the large importance of oil exploration in the city.

The City’s History

The city was founded in 1889 during the event known as the Oklahoma Land Rush. Within the first ten years, the city’s population had doubled, which has helped Oklahoma City to become a major settlement in the area. The town became the part of the new US state of Oklahoma in 1907.

A stalemate in the city’s history was made in 1928 when the oil field was found beneath the city. It is considered on of the most important events in the city’s history because of the consequences it will have for the city’s economy in the future.

It is interesting to note that the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935. Also, the first shopping cart was invented there in 1937 at Standard Food Markets, and the first yield sign appeared in the city in 1950.


What Should You Visit in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City features many theaters, museums, sports halls, and other recreational facilities that you can visit during your stay in the city.

One of the most popular cultural spots in Oklahoma City is the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. It serves as a tribute to the victims of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building. The reflecting pool and the surrounding exhibits have become an iconic symbol of the city.

The city’s Museum of Art features modern European and American art, but it is also the home of many visiting works. It also features a large collection of Dale Chihuly’s famous glass sculptures, which is definitely an interesting fact about this museum.

For those who like nature and being outdoors, one recommendation is the Myriad Botanical Gardens. It features a variety of colorful horticultural projects, and it is also the home of Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, an idyllic plant museum with many exotic plant and animal species. Other facilities to visit are the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden and two amusement parks, Frontier City and White Water Bay.


Sport is also a big factor in the daily life of many Oklahomans. Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA is probably the most popular team based in Oklahoma City, while the Chesapeake Energy Arena hosts the city’s sports teams, concerts, and NBA exhibition games.

How to properly use a green roof

Green Roofing, Roof Gardens, and Their Benefits

While most of the cities in the Unites States feature skylines dominated by dull, black, asphalt roofs, there is a new emerging trend among homeowners and commercial building owners nationwide: green roofing.

Simply put, green roofing is a type of roofing featuring vegetation on rooftops. It can be used for many purposes, starting from proving the building with better energy efficiency, more effective insulation, water absorption, reducing the heat island effect, to creating a recreational space, improving the building’s aesthetics, or even using the space for fruit and vegetable farming. Thus, the area which usually doesn’t serve a purpose is efficiently used to enhance the quality of life of the building’s residents.


Why is Green Roofing Beneficial

While many of green roofs are simply installed by putting a relatively thin layer of soil and planting it with vegetation (also called an extensive green roof), we can use the roof surface to plant trees and larger plants by putting a deeper soil layer, and to provide a space for recreation, which might be otherwise unavailable in the big city (this type of roofing is called an intensive green roof).

For starters, green roofing helps us reduce your energy costs and insulates our building. The vegetation atop our building will be able to conserve the heat within the building during the summer, and, additionally, provides the protection from the freezing air in the winter. The need for air-conditioning and heat will be vastly reduced once we decide on green roofing.

Another benefit of green roofs is the ability to purify the air around the building. Plants have an important role of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is crucial for every living being. By installing a green roof, we can contribute to the environment. It will not solve the global warming problem completely, but we will still do something for mother nature.

Of course, the cost of installing a green roof is larger than that of a standard flat roof. Also, the installation must be done by a skilled professional roofing contractor. However, the benefits of green roofing significantly outweigh the disadvantages, and we will get so much more by deciding on it.


Fruit and Vegetable Production

With all the benefits a green roof can bring us, there is one more that is particularly appealing to aspiring farmers, supermarkets, and restaurant owners: using the space to cultivate fruits, vegetables, and herbs. As they are locally produced, it won’t be necessary for them to travel a long time to their destination, thus ensuring that they are fresh.

Rooftop farms have better exposure to sunlight and water – they are not shielded by tall buildings, so they are almost exclusively lit by the sun, while being close to the local water supply, not to mention the constant exposure to rainwater. They are also convenient because of their location: farmers have easy access to them, and the rooftop provides security from unwanted theft.

One of the disadvantages of rooftop farming is the weight: farms tend to strain the building’s load capacity a lot more than simple flat roofing systems, so it’s very important that we check with our roofing contractor before deciding on it. Another one is safety: because of its location, a roof garden is not completely safe and we have to be careful when working on it.

What to eat in Oklahoma

Food and Cuisine of Oklahoma

Located at the crossroads of the Southern and the Southwestern United States, just north of Texas, Oklahoma has a unique style of cuisine. The fact that the state meal of Oklahoma contains a stunning 12 items, more than any other US state, proves the richness and the variety of their foods.

The introduction of Tex-Mex cuisine stems from the cuisine of Native Americans, which is probably the biggest source of inspiration for the cuisine of Oklahoma. The main ingredients for many Oklahoman meals are pork, sausages, okra, grits, squash, black-eyed peas, and strawberries, which is also the state fruit.

The Barbecue

The historical influence of Native Americans and Texas has brought to the introduction of traditional Oklahoma barbecue. Today, Oklahoma barbecue is one of the most iconic parts of the daily lives of Oklahomans, and it is widely known as one of the varieties of barbecue. Although Texans might disagree on this one, Oklahoma barbecue can be considered one of the best in the country.

Traditional meats include pork ribs and steaks, smoked bologna sausages, and beef, while the turkey is also popular during Thanksgiving. While the meat choice reminds that of Texas barbecue, the origin of sauces comes from Kansas and Tennessee.


Other Specialties of Oklahoma

One of the most famous meals in Oklahoma is the fried onion burger, which is also the inspiration for the local Fried Onion Burger Day Festival in El Reno, Oklahoma.

Frying is one of the favorite ways to prepare food in Oklahoma. Food such as chicken, catfish, okra, and pies are all fried up and served. Catfish is usually eaten along with coleslaw and hushpuppies, which is an influence from the South, while other meals are served with corn, squash, and black-eyed peas.

Chicken fried steak is the main part of the state meal and an iconic meal of Oklahoma. The chicken is battered, fried, and later topped with a rich creamy gravy. The traditional side-dishes include corn and beans, although any vegetable will do.

Grits are a favorite of Oklahomans when it comes to breakfast, while cornbread with honey and butter makes for an excellent dessert. Another popular thing to eat at breakfast is the unusual combination of sausages, biscuits, and gravy, which many not be so strange for the local Oklahomans.

Oklahoma City is also known for Indian tacos, which are made using Indian frybread instead of Mexican tortillas. They can be filled with almost anything, including beef, coleslaw, and various sauces.


Restaurants in Oklahoma City

There are many restaurant options to go with if you happen to go to Oklahoma City. If you want to taste some of the best barbecues in the city, be sure to check some of the local restaurants. Being a state that is proud of its barbecue tradition, you won’t be disappointed after visiting a barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Besides the traditional cuisine, Oklahoma City offers a variety of restaurants which feature cuisines and cooking styles from all over the world, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, and seafood. If you have a specific taste in food, be sure you’ll find what you need in Oklahoma City.

Roof job on our resturant

Our first roofing problem

We are a fairly new business, we have only started working few months ago, and like in every other new business you are tight on budget, we got a lease on our new place and renovated the interior, equipped the kitchen with our cooking “machinery” and we started working. But few weeks back we have noticed a strange smell and noise coming from the kitchen. At first we thought it was a piece of spoiled fruit or vegetable but after inspecting it further we noticed there was a leak on the ceiling, something we didn’t anticipate in our budget. And it was something we didn’t want to hide or cover up, we feel responsible firstly to our customers and then to strict health regulations.

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After sitting down with our general manager, we’ve decided to hire a roofing contractor to take a look at the leak and give us an estimate. While searching online we’ve found numerous roofing contractors all offering great service and fair estimate but once they come over we realize they are trying to scam and rip us off. I guess they see the opportunity since we are obligated to fix our roof or we are going to get shut down. After almost losing all hope we found Choice Solutions Roofing Oklahoma City, OK at first we were skeptical since they were offering a free roof inspection something we didn’t expect. But after the inspection, Vince owner of the company gave us a fair estimate, one more thing we didn’t expect, I guess he realized that if we are out of business sooner or later he would be too, because of the “aggressive“ strategy of his colleagues.

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Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors is an expert in all type of roofs, from residential to commercial roofing system, but as well they are great at siding, installing gutters, painting and many other construction jobs. Vince and his crew, did a fantastic job, everything was done in under a week and we didn’t have any problems with our new roof or health department ever since. The guys even painted our ceiling so we don’t have that nasty moldy smell and sight on the ceiling anymore.

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But while working Vince also told me about few other types of commercial roofing materials, something I’ll keep in mind if I ever buy my own building. But it comes in handy knowing about these things, since some of them can save you money on electrical bills. If you plan to replace your old roofing, here you can find many great pieces of information about the most popular commercial roofing materials. Each type of roofing has many great features and could be a great choice for your roofing.


TPO roofing system is one of the most popular commercial roofing type today. The lifespan of this type of the roofing is about 20 years, even more.


EPDM offers you superior versatility and durability. This is one of the longest lasting types of the commercial roofs available on the market. EPDM commercial roofing systems are easy to install, repair and maintain than the other commercial roofing systems.


Many building owners have turned to solar energy roofing systems. PV solar panels are not in a wide use but are becoming a great choice to conserve energy and controlling the energy bills. This could be a good investment in a long run since this way you can produce your own electricity and maybe even heat your water supply.



Green roofing can reduce the urban heat, and that way dramatically improve the roofing insulation. Green roofing is a great choice for the homeowners that want to choose an eco-friendly roofing, and also want to reduce the energy bills on cooling and heating. Another interesting investment since we can grow and produce our own food this way, and save money on groceries. Well in a way.

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The seams are above the level of the roofing panel and that way the moisture is minimized. Another advantage when talking about this commercial roofing is the ability to add a single-ply roof over an existing metal roof.

At the end we have to say that we are extremely happy and satisfied with the end result, and now we can solely focus on our restaurant and making delicious dishes here in Oklahoma.

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Something about Oklahoma City

Western appeal goes municipal in Oklahoma’s capital city. Oklahoma City supplies lots of fascinating points to do and flaunts big-league destinations, including the OKC Thunder NBA team and a revitalized downtown area starring the Bricktown Entertainment District, Chesapeake Power Field as well as superior museums, consisting of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Rope up some fun at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum as well as various other Experience Area locations. Learn Oklahoma’s story at the Oklahoma State Capitol as well as nearby Background Center. Go kid-friendly at the OKC Zoo, Scientific research Gallery Oklahoma, Frontier City as well as Wild water Bay, and run away to the outdoors at the Oklahoma River, Multitude Botanical Gardens and also Lake Hefner.


Oklahoma City supplies a flourishing nightlife scene with focus of preferred spots for music, dance and drinks in the Bricktown Amusement District, the Paseo Arts District, and also Western Opportunity area. The arts are plentiful and society flourishes with choices such as the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra, the Oklahoma City Dancing, vibrant art districts and abundant galleries, a varied music scene that produces nationwide stars in multiple styles, abundant dramatization manufacturing and also a well-known arts celebration that draws almost 1 million site visitors every year.

Discover the top 10 things to do in Oklahoma City by reviewing the write-up below, or discover your alternatives and also intend your personal browse through using the icons below to investigate your interests. The picture as well as video galleries revealed right here will certainly also help you pick points to do throughout your Oklahoma City trip.